Thursday, July 18, 2024

10 brilliant cleaning hacks for lazy people

Everyone likes to live in a home that is clean, tidy and smells like freshly baked cookies. Some of us, though, are not blessed with the motivation for cleaning. Fortunately, life hacks out exist that make things easy for even the laziest person.

The following 10 tips are ways to prevent extra cleaning and let us be more efficient when we do have to roll up our sleeves and do a little housework.

Clean up nasty tile buildup in the shower

Use shower gel instead of soap. The fats and oils contained in bars of soap contribute to that yucky buildup on your shower tiles. Shower gels, on the other hand, are more like a detergent.

Clean the bathroom while you are sleeping

After you are done showering, take a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Wrap the bag over your shower head (pictured below) and secure it. Make sure the shower head is soaked in the vinegar solution. By the time you wake up, most of the work will be already finished. Wipe with a cloth, and you’re done!

Leverage the power of the sun

The sun is a great (and easy) way to give your bed linens, pillows, and comforters the feeling of freshness. Simply leave the items out in the sun for a few hours before use. To go the extra mile, use this as a drying technique after washing.

Clean bathtub grime

If your tub is suffering from grime, instead of going out and buying an expensive store-bought product, try using nail polish remover instead.

Only use a lint roller to dust

Forget bending down and using a dustpan, and don’t even think about grabbing a broom. Too much work! Instead, use a lint roller to dust off the house. This is a lazy person’s dream.

Remote control mop

Go a step further, and have the mop literally do the work for you. This turns cleaning into a game.

Dust your blinds in a pinch

Does seeing dust gather up on your blinds bother you? Have you tried using tissue paper just to make the problem worse? Luckily, we’ve found a solution that will remove those dust particles quickly and easily. Be sure to grab a pair of tongs from the kitchen. Then, attach and secure microfiber cloth over it. Cleaning blinds just got easier.

Get your baby to do it

If passing off chores is one of the reasons you had kids, this one is for you. This baby onesie doubles as a dusting solution.

Throw everything in the dishwasher

Okay, not everything. But there are lots of things around your house that are totally safe to put in the dishwasher, including children’s toys, sponges, glass lighting fixture coverings, vent covers, and shoes.

Use stovetop liners

Stovetop liners save time because they eliminate the need for scrubbing. When they get dirty, simply replace them with new ones.