Thursday, July 18, 2024

10 spectacular ways to use pool noodles around the house

6. Childproofing
Slit open a pool noodle and use it to cover sharp and hard edges around the house. Think of things like the coffee table, sharp corners, and even cabinets.

7. Garage door stopper
Are you one of those people who always swings the car door open and hits the wall? Leave the days of scratched and dented doors behind by nailing half of a pool noodle to the wall. It’ll absorb the shock and prevent any more damage.

8. Floating pool cooler

Keep your drinks cool and always close this summer. By attaching a pool noodle to the sides of a cooler or plastic bin, you can keep your drinks floating in the pool with you all summer long.

9. Paint brush holder

Never let a paint brush slip into the paint ever again! Simply grab a pool noodle, secure it to the side of your paint bucket, then cut slits where the brushes can fit.

10. Never crease pants again

Don’t you hate when you hang up a pair of pants, but then they are left with a huge crease? Avoid this by placing part of a pool noodle on the bottom part of the hanger. It will hold the paints securely and never leave a crease!