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Dog Always Befriends The Fluffiest And Biggest Dogs In Daycare So She Can Nap On Them

There’s not much sweeter in life than a precious puppy, I suspect dog lovers everywhere can agree to that!

Meet the adorable little miss Edna. This adorable puppy has been going to daycare for dogs since she was the smallest of puppies, and ever since then, she’s adopted the most adorable routine.

Like any good puppy, she tires herself out with play-time for the first 3 or 4 hours that she’s there, then she decides that she needs a nap. A pretty long nap at that, she’s a growing puppy after all.

So, with so many sweet dogs around, she befriends and then claims the comfiest spot in the whole daycare. A fluffy, warm friend.

Could this little babe get any sweeter? She’s got the right idea, I’d say this is one bright cuddly puppy.

No dog is too big…

Brianna Gottfried

No pup is too small…

Brianna Gottfried

Sweet little Edna…

Brianna Gottfried

Simply loves them all!

Brianna Gottfried

“All the dogs seem to enjoy the snuggling company,” said Brianna Gottfried, one of Edna’s beloved family members, told the Dodo in an interview.

“Even the tiny wiener dogs.” 

Brianna Gottfried

Obviously when she was a tiny puppy, it was easier to use the dogs to take naps on… But now that she’s grown, Edna still refuses to quit her nap-time routine!

She’s just a snuggly little babe and takes up every opportunity to do so!

Brianna Gottfried

And when the day comes to an end, and the time has come for Edna to go home, she’s almost always still snuggled tightly next to the friend that she made for the day.

The caregivers said it takes some real effort to wake her up so that she can go home.

My heart, my heart!

“When it’s time to go home I always have to peel her off of another dog,” Gottfried said.

Brianna Gottfried

Precious little Edna clearly loves to play, and even more than that, loves to cuddle.

Thankfully enough for her, her pup-friends at the daycare happily oblige.

Let us know in the comments what you think about Ms. Edna and her snuggling habits!

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