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Hide-Away Pantry / Kitchen Storage

Get ready to change the game! This is literally going to change my life! ¡¡¡¡Jaja ok, maybe not that dramatic, but this hidden pantry is an amazing storage alternative that is going to free up cabinet space !!!! This kitchen storage is made by creating a slim sliding shelf for the space between the wall and the fridge. It’s amazing what you can do with a little wood and paint.

If you have a closet like this one, you have to use the space you see on the right next to the fridge…. -Life has changed
-4-5 1″x4″x8′ Common Board Panels
-7 7/16″ wooden dowels
-Kreg Jig / Kreg Screws
-Paint (optional)
-4 2″ castor wheels
-Measuring tape
-Wood Glue
-Handle / Drawer Pull
-Thin Board Cut to size (not pictured above… I used my left over faux brick panel, but you can use bead board or something of that sort)
STEP 1: Measure the height and depth of your refrigerator as well as the space you have available between the wall and the side of the refrigerator.

STEP 2: Use the measurements from step 1 to cut several pieces of wood. You will need a front and back panel, a top and bottom, and as many shelves as you want. Don’t forget that you will be putting casters on the base of the cabinet, so you will need to subtract the height of the casters from the length of the front and back panels. Below are the measurements I had and what I cut accordingly. You can use them for reference:
My fridge measured 67″ from the floor to the top and 31″ deep from the front to the wall. Keeping in mind that my wood panels were 1″ thick and I had 2.25″ wheels, I cut the pieces as follows:
Front and back – 2 pieces 65
Top and bottom – 2 pieces of 29″.
Shelves – 6 pieces of 29″.
I also cut each of the 7 wood blocks to 29″.

STEP 3: Place the cut out pieces in the shape of a ladder, making sure that each one fits correctly.

STEP 4: Use a Kreg template to create holes at the bottom of each shelf and at the bottom of the top and bottom wood pieces. Place these holes at each end of the pieces. Then screw each shelf and each top and bottom panel into place. I decided to make several sizes of shelves so I could store different dry goods instead of having one regular space. Just be sure to screw each shelf in a straight line, inserting them at the same height into the front and back panels.

STEP 5: Once all the shelves are in place, it’s time to cut and prepare the back panel of the shelf (I used a piece of leftover panel from my faux-brick wall project, hehe). (I used a piece of panel left over from my faux brick wall project). Simply cut a rectangle the same size in height and depth as the staircase structure you’ve just created. For example, mine was 65″x31″.
When the panel is cut and ready to use, simply nail it to the back of the unit. Nail the panel in place all the way around the perimeter.

STEP 6: Now it’s time to add the dowels! Simply grab some wood glue and glue each dowel above each shelf an even distance on each side so it lays straight For the smaller shelves I placed the dowels 2-2.5″ above the shelf and for the larger shelves 4-5″. Be sure to allow the wood glue to completely dry before moving forward.

STEP 7: Now simply paint or stain your shelving unit in the colors of your choice to match your kitchen! I intend to change my cabinet colors at some point so I just painted it all white to match the refrigerator.

STEP 8: Once your paint has dried you can add the castors and the handle. Screw in 4 wheels to the bottom of the shelf so that it can roll in and out of it’s space with ease.
Add the handle to the center of the front panel.

STEP 9: Now simply place your pantry next to your fridge (or in the designated area you made it for) and stock it full of your favorite treats and eats!

Look how discreet this thing is! I love it.

You have no clue how much cabinet space this has freed up! I don’t have space in my kitchen to add any stand alone unit so this sneaky little piece is perfection!

I’ve been rummaging through my spices for years – now I can see them right in front of me! I can’t wait to cook. I’ve shown a close-up so you can see the brick panel. Feel free to create a pattern if you want to give it a fun touch when you open the stash.

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