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10 health benefits of bananas you probably didn’t know about

There’s plenty to love about bananas. They are tasty, healthy and easy to grab for a quick breakfast or snack if you’re running late. (Bonus, they taste really good filled with marshmallow and chocolate chips and baked over a camp fire). While most people generally appreciate the banana for its sweet flavor, there are a few things about this fruit you may not know.

The next time you’re debating between an apple and a banana, keep in mind these reasons you might want to grab the yellow fruit.

1. Ease PMS symptoms

Bananas contain lots of potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin B6. These vitamins and minerals can help ease bloating and cramping, according to Heal With Food. (Plus, they taste great with chocolate. PMS win-win!)

2Ease muscle cramps

If you experience muscle cramps in your legs after a hard workout routine, try noshing on a banana before you work out. The banana can help prevent an electrolyte imbalance (a common cause of cramps). A tough workout or a long day in the sun can throw your electrolytes out of whack. If you’re prone to leg cramps at night, try eating a banana before bed, according to Live Strong.

3. Bananas may help ease depression

One reason people depression is because of an imbalance of serotonin levels in their brain.While medications can help restore the balance, another alternative is to eat more foods that contain serotonin, like bananas.The National Library of Medicine suggests that the serotonin may not cross into the blood stream, but with a bevy of other health benefits, it never hurts to try.

4. Bananas may help reduce swelling

Bananas may help prevent swelling with a dose of flavonoids (one banana has the same amount as an apple). Bananas also contain respectable levels of magnesium which can help reduce swelling too.

5. Eat a banana to ease constipation

If you’re having trouble in the bathroom and the thought of noshing on prunes or dosing up on meds is unappealing, grab a banana instead. Bananas are a high-fiber food and promote healthy digestion.

6. Get heartburn relief with a banana

If you are experiencing a bout of heartburn, reach for a banana before you grab the antacids. According to WebMD fruits like banana and melon are not acidic and can help prevent heartburn. The gentle fruit is also easy on the stomach so you can fill up without worrying about creating more problems.

7. Bananas can help protect eyes and bones

Keep your eyes and bones healthy by eating bananas. Each banana contains about 20 percent of your daily manganese requirements. Manganese helps keep your bones healthy, according to Live Strong.

8. Give yourself the gift of extra brain power

Give your body a little extra brain power (and willpower) by adding a banana to your breakfast. The fiber-filled food is also a healthy carb. Your body breaks down the carbs to create energy. The sugars give your brain a boost and the fiber keeps you fuller longer.

9. Eat a banana to speed nicotine withdrawal

If you’ve got a hangover or you’re trying to kick the habit, you can make recovery a bit easier by noshing on a banana. The yellow fruit contains loads of magnesium and potassium, both of which your body needs to recover from nicotine withdrawal. The boost of sugar in the fruit can help give you a bit of energy too.

10. Ease morning sickness

Bananas are gentle on the tummy, which is really great when you’re feeling a bit queasy. You’ll get a major dose of vitamins and minerals without sending your already crummy tummy into a tailspin.

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RESOURCES NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINELIVE STRONG, AND WEBMD does not give medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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