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12 clever ways to reuse a binder clip around the house

Binder clips do more than just hold paper together. From cute and quirky uses to super handy hacks, they solve problems all around your home. The best part is that binder clips are inexpensive, so you can pick up a bunch for all your organizing needs. Once you see all the ways you can use these nifty little tools, you’ll never look at them the same.

1. Charging station organizer
Use binder clips to keep your cords untangled.

2. Toothpaste-tube squeezer
Get the most out of your toothpaste by rolling the end and holding it tightly with a binder clip. This will ensure you can use every last bit.

3. Minimalist wall decor
If your decorating style tends toward minimalism, try hanging simple pieces of art with binder clips or pins. This surprisingly elegant trick also works well for displaying artwork and allows you to change the display as often as you like.

4. Headphone organizer
Never get your headphones tangled again: wrap them around a binder clip.

5. Name card holder
Next time you’re hosting a gathering in your home, transform some binder clips into cute, inexpensive holders for your guests’ name cards.

6. Sponge holder


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