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92-year-old woman ignores people’s opinions and wears colorful clothes: “I’ve always been a rebel”

She’s 92 years old but that doesn’t stop her from staying young and stylish! That’s the story of Baddie Winkle, who has won over millions of internet users around the world. Posting photos and videos of her extravagant style on her Instagram page, she spreads a good dose of free and transgressive energy to the new generation. The site npr took the time to interview her about her surprising story.

Helen Ruth Van Winkle is definitely not the classic granny who likes to knit socks on her rocking chair. Today, this cool grandma is a real star who proudly displays her colorful looks! One thing is for sure, when she had the idea to launch her blog on social networks, this woman had no idea she would receive so many likes. Without further ado, discover the story of this extraordinary influencer…

“I’ve always been a rebel in my life”

With her wardrobe assembled of unique pieces, Baddie is turning heads… And yes, it is indeed the nonagenarian who wore a stunning nude bodysuit to the “MTV Video Music Awards” in 2016! Author at 88 years old of “Baddiwinkle’s Guide to Life” where she told her inspiring story.

Her secret? “She’s always been a rebel,” she’ll tell you. But that’s nothing new! In her interview with NPR, the influencer says she’s taken care of her appearance from a young age, something that makes her a true inspiration to her 3 million followers on Instagram. Sure, the comments haven’t always been positive… but over time she’s learned to take those criticisms lightly.

Let’s take a grandma picture!

Before she became famous, the 92-year-old grandmother led a simple life in Waco, Kentucky. During the interview, she says that for 15 years she was the sole caretaker of her small farm. She also did all the yard work. But one day, her grandson decided to take a picture of her when he saw her in torn shorts and a tie-dye shirt. “Let’s take a picture, grandma, you look awfully cute today!”. Quickly, this photo went viral on social media. That day, people got to see “a great grandmother who didn’t care what people thought of her,” Baddie tells reporters at Today, the woman is praised for her courage and her touch of madness on social media. She still keeps her joie de vivre and her irresistible smiles!

The key to a happy life according to Baddie Winkle

The npr website interviewed him about his book and life story and picked up his philosophy on the key to a happy life. His answer was most moving: “Smile at people all the time, even if you pass each other on the street, go to church to say your prayers, and always be kind to your neighbor…”. Through her testimony, Baddie Winkle invites us all to take a bite out of life. According to the old woman, the most important thing is to feel good about yourself without paying attention to the judgments and opinions of others.

As you can see, living a happy life is not as complicated as it seems! All you have to do is detach yourself from what’s going on outside and spend more time and energy creating positive interactions and experiences. Baddie Winkle’s authentic testimony proves once again that with a little freedom and rebellion, it is easier to live a happy and fulfilling life! All we have to do is to happily adapt to what life gives us and keep smiling!

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