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Arched Tiny Homes That Cost As Little As $1,000

Small houses are big, but sometimes the finished product can cost as much as a small house. However, this is not the case with these small, booming houses. Arched Cabins is a fast growing company located in several cities in the United States, and offers small vaulted house kits for only $1,000.

source: Arched Cabins

1,000 dollars will give you the cheapest model on offer, but Cabañas Arco also sells a 12×20′ cabin for 3,600 dollars, a 14×20′ for 4,000 dollars and a 12×40′ for 7,200 dollars. There are also larger cabins of different sizes that are sold at different prices. Compared to the average small cabin, even the larger kit options are still reasonably priced.

source: Arched Cabins

These small vaulted houses are fairly standard, but all can be customized and upgraded, depending on the use of the space. These vaulted cabins are ideal for a hunting lodge, an art studio, a guest area or even a camping site. The options are truly endless.

source: Arched Cabins

Are you thinking of investing in a small home? One of the vaulted cabin kits may be a great option for you!

source: Arched Cabins



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