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Baked Ham and Cheese Egg Cups

A quick and easy breakfast idea that’s elegant enough for guests.


6 large eggs
6 slices of very lean ham
6 tablespoons grated reduced-fat cheddar cheese.


Heat the oven to 350F degrees. Spray a 6-cup muffin pan with nonstick spray.
Divide the ham slices into the cups, filling the bottom and sides.
Break each egg into a ham-lined cup
Sprinkle each egg with a spoonful of grated cheese.
Sprinkle any optional seasoning on top.
Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until firm.
Remove from oven and let cool 1 minute before removing eggs from muffin tin.

Recipe Notes

This quick and easy recipe can be modified in several ways to suit your preferences.
Different meat: Replace ham with lean chicken or turkey slices.
Add vegetables: Add your favorite vegetables before the broken egg. Thawed drained frozen spinach and/or chopped roasted red peppers from a jar would be good.
Cheese options: Use the cheese of your choice. Grated Swiss or Parmesan would be good, as well as goat or feta. Or skip it altogether.
Herbs and seasonings: Use your choice of seasoning: salt and pepper, Mrs. Dash’s unsalted seasoning, fresh chopped parsley, coriander, dill, etc.
If you like your eggs super soft, you may want to take them out of the oven a minute before you think they are ready. You will need to let them rest in the muffin tin for a few minutes before removing them and during these minutes, the eggs will continue to cook slightly.