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Chow Puppy Nicknamed “Oreo Cloud” Looks Like an Oreo McFlurry

Oreo flavored dog.

I love oreo flavored everything, be it oreo shakes, oreo ice creams, oreo chocolates, or dogs. Yes, even a dog. This adorable chow puppy named Chief is so unique and cute. His dark grey speckled coat has an uncanny resemblance to the McFlurry Oreo which earned him his nickname Oreo Cloud from his owner Sarah Hamilton. This puppy is nothing but a big, fluffy, and adorable bundle of joy. Do not be fooled by his cute appearance though because the Chow Chow is a guardian dog breed. They are not so social and gentle, they act aloof with strangers and can be very aggressive with other dogs. Their protective nature is very fierce and needs proper training for good control. They are known for their endless devotion to their owners.

It did not take long for Oreo Cloud to become everyone’s favorite cookies n’ cream puppy on the internet. Oreo cloud rapidly gained thousands of likes and comments when its owner Sarah originally posted his pictures on a Facebook group called Dogspotting Society. His fan following sky-rocketed from there and everyone has seemed to fall in love with this cute puppy since then. I mean, who would not? Just look at this bear-dog and how insanely handsome he is. Keep scrolling to fall in love with this beautiful chow pup like the rest of us.

1. This is the most beautiful chow pup I have ever seen.

2. He is so fluffy! I love big fluff-babies.

3. He looks like a teddy bear here.

4. I am all heart-eyes for this puppy.

5. And he is also blessed with the most enchanting grayish blue pair of eyes.

Oreo Cloud is definitely a delightful dog. When he is not making everyone fall in love with him on the internet, he is making his parent’s life more joyous and bright. He is very down-to-earth and playful with his parents. Do not take his playfulness too seriously though because, true to his name and nature, he does act like a Chief even as a puppy. He is a quick learner and has shown the tendencies of a real leader. This Chow-chow puppy is full of surprises. This young Chief is already potty trained at just 8 weeks old. Chow-chow dogs can grow up to 85 pounds! Imagine Oreo cloud as an adult dog. Even a bigger bundle of joy. We can not wait to see him all grown up. Even as a puppy, he is already showing his natural protective characteristics by sleeping at the main door of the family house every single night.

His owner said, “The first thing we noticed about him besides his cute spots is that he loves to cuddle and he will nap on you. He has the loudest snore out of everyone in the household.”

Oreo cloud’s owner Sarah and her husband have also noticed in a short period of time ever since they first had him that this big fluff-baby loves to take baths and he gets very jealous if he ever realizes that his owners took a bath without inviting him. So cute!

6. He looks like a fun bath partner.

7. So photogenic! I love him so much already!

8. His owner pecked him on the behalf of his fanbase that consists of thousands of people and definitely me!

9. Oreo cloud is a sight for sore eyes. His owners are lucky they found a gem of a dog.

10. Such a dazzling personality he has.

I would definitely go on a date with this charmingly handsome boy. This young pup is also on Instagram where he brightens the days of thousands of people with his daily cute content. His IG handle is @theoreocloud, make sure you guys follow him because I am definitely going to do that right now. Did you fall in love with Oreo cloud just like I did? Let us know in the comments down below.