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Coca-Cola Chicken Wings Sound Bizarre, But They’re Actually Delicious

I will test with anything. I really enjoy making something I have never made before. I get into a variety of ethnic cooking apart from my very own Caucasian Canadian returned ground. Especially Latin American dishes. But this one was very different and surprising, Coca-Cola and Chicken Wings? What??

A couple years ago my spouse and I began a brand new Christmas tradition. We nevertheless have our regular Christmas dinner, but someday in early January we make a second Christmas dinner based on the traditional vacation dishes of a specific culture.

It’s uncommon to find someone who doesn’t like chicken wings. Chicken wings are the appropriate snack food, and in case you eat sufficient of them, they may be an entire meal! Between honey garlic, spicy, and dry rub, the options for dressing wings are nearly endless. Today, we’re going to share a chicken wings recipe that virtually sounds odd, however is certainly so delicious.

source: YouTube/Cooking With May Lynn

Cooking With May Lynn posted a YouTube video explaining how to make Coca-Cola fowl wings. Yes, Coca-Cola hen wings. Although this sounds like an aggregate you’d in no way want to recreate, the Coca-Cola provides the hen wings with a sweet-and-savory taste that’s absolutely amazing.

So, in case you’re brave enough to do this unique recipe, all you need is two pounds of fowl wings, half cup of Coca-Cola, a few soy sauces, and a pinch of salt. All you need to do is coat the raw chicken wings in a few soy sauces, the use of a bowl to stir or toss them well. Then, fry them up in a pan with a little bit of oil, flipping the fowl wings so that they cook lightly on each side.

source: YouTube/Cooking With May Lynn

When the hen wings are approximately done, toss some extra soy sauce and the Coca-Cola into the pan. Cover the pan and let them simmer within the liquid until they’re completely cooked. When they’re done, put off the bird wings from the pan, allow them to dry on some paper towel (to soak up the grease), and you’re geared up to dig in! Cooking with Coca-Cola is in reality now not common, however we can definitely see this recipe tasting amazing. Click at the video below to watch this recipe unfold.