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It’s summer, which means it’s time for the blogging world (and the rest of the world?) to go s’ mores crazy again. Seriously, s’ mores are like the pumpkin spice of July, right? Let’s make s’ mores everything! And it turns out I’m just as guilty as all the other bloggers. This year I’ve already shared the s’mores cake mix and the s’ mores crack bars (aka Golden Graham), both ridiculously delicious.

And last year I shared my favorite s’ mores pizza recipe, which has a graham cracker crust and is the best way to get the sticky goodness of s’mores without a fire. Today I am searching the archives to share this recipe for frozen s’ mores, which I first published three years ago.

These frozen s’ mores are the perfect gift for a hot summer day because you get all the flavor of chocolate, marshmallows and s’mores in a cool, refreshing format. They’re easy to make and keep in the freezer so you can hand them out the next time you have a bunch of kids running around your backyard sprinkler.


1 box of instant chocolate pudding 6 servings
2.5 cups of cold milk
16 graham crackers
7 oz marshmallow cream
4 oz. of softened cream cheese
8 oz frozen whipped topping thawed


Line a 9×13 tray with aluminum foil or parchment, allowing the paper to protrude from the tray.
In a medium bowl, whisk the pudding mixture and milk until smooth and creamy. Pour into a 9×13 tray and spread out in an even layer.
Cool pudding layer while mixing the marshmallow layer.
In a medium bowl, whip cream cheese, and marshmallow cream until smooth. Fold in the topping to whip.
Spread the marshmallow layer over the chocolate layer. Cover with aluminum foil.
Freeze the layers for about 6 hours, until they are firm enough to cut. Use the aluminum foil or parchment paper to remove the layers from the 9×13 tray and place them on a cutting board.
Cut 15 graham crackers in half. Cut the layers of pudding/marshmallow into 15 squares of the same size as the graham crackers.

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