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How To Make Mouthwatering Salisbury Steak

If you’ve never had salisbury steak before, you are seriously missing out. This traditional dinner dish is hearty, delicious, and is a perfect example of comfort food. Don’t be intimidated to make your own version of salisbury steak — this recipe from Taste of Home makes it easy!

source: Food Network

One of the reasons salisbury steak is such a traditional meal is because it’s super hearty yet inexpensive to make. It’s made from ground beef (plus a bunch of other wonderful ingredients), and the sauce it’s made in is quite unlike anything else! It’s simply delicious.

source: Martha Stewart

For traditional salisbury steak, serve with mashed potatoes or wide noodles. This is a recipe the whole family will love, and it’s the perfect thing to serve up on a chilly day when you’re craving some comfort food.

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