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Get rid of urine smells and stains in your bathroom for good with these brilliant ideas

Does your bathroom reek of urine? If you are a mother (and especially one with young boys), you know what we are talking about. Unfortunately, for some of us, Dads also can’t aim and contribute to the problem.

Does it bother you more that urine smells and stains are hard to get rid of? Perhaps you are tired of the endless scrubbing. Guess what? We are too.

Luckily, we’ve found some great and easy tips to keep those urine smells and stains at bay. The following advice is designed to make your life easier, so you don’t spend as much time on this pesky problem.

1. Always have some Clorox wipes in the bathroom

Keeping Clorox wipes near the toilet is a friendly reminder to everyone using the bathroom to be more careful (especially the boys). I love how these wipes are so easy to use. Just tug and a new sheet comes out.

2. Make your own natural spray cleaner

If you prefer a more natural solution, make your own cleaning spray by mixing 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar, and your favorite essential oil scents. Again, make sure to keep the spray close to the toilet, so it’s easy to wipe away small spots of urine before there’s any buildup.

Plus, the essential oils will make your bathroom smell good in no time.

3. Disinfect everywhere, including underneath the toilet seat

Be sure to stock up on some disinfectant spray for a more thorough cleaning.

For a deeper clean, don’t be afraid to remove the toilet seat from time to time. Don’t forget the bottom base around the toilet (where the toilet meets the tile) and behind the toilet seat as well. These little cracks can really build up with bacteria over time.

4. Whip out some cheap-o shaving cream

Yes, you can use shaving cream to help neutralize the odors from urine. Be sure to let this sit for like 5 minutes before you wipe. Remember, do not use this tip if you have wood floors in your bathroom. This tip is primarily for tiled bathrooms.

Also, this shaving cream tip is designed to remove smells. This is not something that disinfects. You’ll want to use a disinfectant spray for that.


This tip comes from Priscilla Raquel Lloyd, mom of 3 boys. She writes, “I always actually clean the area first with a cleaner to disinfect but as a mom of 3 boys potty learning, the stale stink lingers badly anyways. We follow with a shaving cream slather every once in awhile to remove it. Just let it sit for a bit, and then wipe it up! Smells so good after.”

If you want to try out this shaving tip, it’s best if you keep dustpan with squeegee around. This helps make clean up a breeze. Remember, don’t have the shaving cream sit around for hours on end. You’ll want to clean it up shortly after letting it sit.

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