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Snow-Loving Pup Refuses To Let His Grandpa Clean It All Up

Buster has always been a huge fan of snow. Playing outside in the cold is one of his favorite things in the world, and he is not at all a fan of being told it’s time to come back inside again. 

“It can be a real challenge to get him inside late at night — he’d much prefer to sleep in a snowbank,” Michael Kapusty, Buster’s dad, told The Dodo. “He will pounce and dive in the snow like a dolphin in water.” 

Of course, Buster is a husky, so he definitely has a stubborn side. Really, he just knows what he wants and doesn’t see why he should have to compromise. 

On the first big snowfall of the season this year, Buster was so incredibly excited. He couldn’t wait to run around and play in it — which is why he was absolutely appalled when he noticed that his grandpa was shoveling away his perfect snow

“This was his first snowfall of the year, and he didn’t like that fact we were taking it away from him,” Kapusty said. “So, he came over and sat down in the middle of it.” 

As the snow disappeared around him, Buster guarded his little mound, and when it was finally time for his grandpa to shovel away that section, too, he absolutely refused to move

“I knew this was a typical Buster moment,” Kapusty said. “He was told to move, but the look on his face said otherwise. He stayed there ’til everything around him was gone and he realized he lost the battle.” 

Finally, Buster admitted defeat and allowed his little snow pile to be shoveled away. He was very disappointed in everyone — until he realized there was still plenty more snow outside, and resumed playing and frolicking around. 

Buster will always be a snow dog, through and through, and if anyone tries to take his snow away from him, he’ll defend it for as long as he can.