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Stray Pitbull Guards Missing Toddler Until He’s Reunited With Parents

All too often the Pitbulls are misjudged as aggressive and vicious doggos when, in fact, this could not be further from the truth. As with humans, a dog is only as good as what it has been bred to be. There are exceptions, of course, just like this street Pitbull that was never raised or trained to be the love that it is, was simply born that way. The Internet community fell in love with the adorable stray pit bull after seeing him take care of a lost child who disappeared. The sweet street pit bull didn’t let the child out of his sight until he saw that he was reunited with his parents.

It all started when the boy managed to find a way out of his home in Missouri. The little boy was wandering around the neighborhood on his own when he came across the friendly pittie. The missing pit bull must have known that the child could get into trouble without him, so he decided to escort him.

The adorable duo wandered the neighborhood uninterrupted until a kind woman saw them as she walked her own two pitties. Later, speaking to Fox2News, the woman described the boy: “He looked well cared for, very neat, very clean; he just didn’t have his shoes on.

The kind woman knew that even though the little girl had the best intentions in mind, it was up to her to find the child’s parents. The woman began knocking on doors up and down the street, trying to find someone who would recognize the child. All the while the Pitbull followed them closely and did not let them out of his sight.

After an hour of searching, the boy’s father realized that his son was missing and contacted the authorities, who quickly located the boy. The father rushed to the scene and even got to know the woman and the dog who were keeping his son safe. When she was interviewed by Fox News, the woman had a message for her community: “It’s important that we stay together, that we help each other, that we go back to the things that our grandparents and their community used to do. To build a sense of unity.

Louis took possession of the watchdog and is now considering recruiting it and enlisting its help in solving other mysteries.

See how the Pitbull watches over the young missing boy in the Fox12News report:


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