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Studies reveal we need grandparents more than we know. Here’s why

Grandma and grandpa were right when they said you were going to need them! If you’ve ever wondered if your parents, parents-in-law or other elderly relatives were going to be important to your child’s wellbeing, the answer is a resounding yes.Obviously, you’ll want to ensure that the grandparent in question is one who will offer a positive influence in your child’s life. But in general, there are many reasons why your child will benefit in the short- and long-term from being close to their grandparents.

1. Unconditional interactions

Love associated with grandparents often feels different than that of parent-child relationships. This is because grandparents (in most cases) aren’t focused on stressful issues like discipline or saving money for school. Instead, their interactions with children can be unchanging and unaffected by day-to-day problems.

2. A wealth of knowledge

Grandparents have so much to teach our little ones. From what life was like in the past to avoiding mistakes they’ve already made, they can help our children become aware many things other places of learning might not touch on. Letting your child spend time with their elders ensures they’ll be able to soak up this knowledge — without even realizing it!

3. Promoting happiness and wellbeing

A recent study published in The Gerontologist found kids who have a strong relationship with a grandparent tend to experience a reduction in depressive symptoms. But that’s not all. Grandparents actually experience the same effects when they have a strong affinity for and spend time with their grandchildren.

4. Consistency and safety

In a rapidly changing world, grandparents provide a sense of security and steadfastness. Because they have reached an older age and are still here, it reminds kids there will always be safe harbors to go to. Grandparents are unchanging, and kids thrive on that security.

5. Passing on your traditions

No matter where you come from or who you are, your family likely has important traditions that stretch back over decades and possibly even centuries. Your parents are a wonderful source to help you understand and pass on these traditions to your little one. Just think: one day all three of you might engage in these powerful customs together.

6. Adding extra support


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