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Why This Pit Bull Pulled a Baby From Its Crib

Whether you are afraid of pit bulls or love them, this story of an amazing pit bull named Sasha will make you fall in love with the breed.
I hope that if you have any stories about a dog that did something you are proud of, you will share them. They are such wonderful and special animals.
“The only creatures evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and children. – Johnny Depp
The pit bull firefighter
Sasha, the pit bull, was born and raised with his little human, Masailah. They would nap together and even play in the bathtub from time to time.
According to ABC13, one night Sasha woke her owners up by banging on the back door and barking loudly. She was making as much noise as possible to alert her family that a fire was breaking out next door.
Her mother, Latana Chai, rushed over to see what was going on. When the mother saw the flames, she instinctively ran to pull her 7-month-old baby Masailah from her crib to safety.
She was surprised to see that Sasha had already grabbed her sister by the diaper and pulled her out of the crib!
I couldn’t believe it. Sasha did everything she could to save this baby. I want to hug that dog!
Thankfully, thanks to a little pit bull who loved his family, they are all safe. Their apartment was destroyed in the fire, which is heartbreaking. But things can be replaced, right?
Sasha the pit bull isn’t the only dog to have saved someone.
The internet is full of stories of dogs that prove every day why we call them man’s best friend. I wish I could share them all. Here are two of my favorite stories.
Toby, the Golden Retriever, practiced the Heimlich technique on his owner in Calvert, Maryland. Debbie Parkhurst was choking on an apple and couldn’t get it out when she tried to do the Heimlich on herself. She was pounding her chest when Toby sprang into action.

“The next thing I knew, Toby stood up on his hind legs and put his front paws on my shoulders,” she told NBC News. “He pushed me to the ground and, once on my back, he started jumping on my chest.
The fruit came out and she was saved. She still had red paw prints from 2-year-old Toby all over her chest.
“The doctor said I probably wouldn’t be here without Toby,” she said. “I keep looking at him and saying, ‘You’re amazing.
Axel, the rescue dog saved his elderly owner from a robber’s attack. In England, an 86-year-old woman was attacked during an attempted robbery.
The man hit her on the head with an object and demanded that she hand over her jewelry. She said she was seeing stars.
“I had never seen him move that fast, jump on this guy and knock him flat on the ground,” the woman said.
“He [the robber] gets up but my dog is still attached to his arm. He shook the dog and I thought I lost it. The dog came back with his nose covered in blood.”
She explains that before this incident, everyone called Axel a gentle giant. Today, they consider him a hero.

Do you have a great animal story?
Feel free to share it. Hearing great stories about what our pets do for us every day is exactly what we need most in this world.

Even if your pet didn’t do something newsworthy, tell us about it anyway! What’s his name, breed and age? We can’t wait to hear more!

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