Sunday, June 23, 2024


Your relationship with your mother may be the most precious thing in the world, or it may be a struggle. Whatever the case may be, when your mom dies, you will realize that you will lose your best friend forever.

When a daughter loses her mom, it could just very well be the one loss that you will never get over. That is why it is so crucial to make the most of the time you have together before it is too late.

More Time

How often do we say we are too busy when in fact we aren’t? How often do we get together, only to look at our phones and not spend any quality time together?

We must make the most out of the time we now have. So, go on that lunch with your mom. Make that phone call. Switch up your schedule so you have more time to spend with her. It may seem tedious now, but you will look back and be grateful you did make the time.


Many mother-daughter relationships struggle, especially around the teenage years. Some daughters might rebel and think their mother doesn’t understand or respect their decisions. However, mothers will always understand.

They are truly always there for you, even if they don’t communicate it effectively. There is no judgment between a mother-daughter. When you have a daughter of your own, you will notice and see just how much you need your mom at those times.

Fill your relationship with laughter and happiness. Share your concerns and worries with your mom. More than likely she will know exactly how to help, or simply be the ear you needed to listen to you.


Every relationship, no matter how good, can always become better. Use that mindset and try to strengthen your relationship with your mother daily.

It could start by forgiving for wrongdoings and asking for forgiveness. It is time to let go of grudges. We see too often that life can be taken in an instance. You don’t want to be holding a grudge when your mom passes away.

Send daily, weekly, or monthly reminders to your mom how much you love her and appreciate her. Try to get together as often as your schedules will allow, whether on the phone or in person.

Find a hobby you can do together just the two of you. Take time to build your relationship around that hobby. You will have fun and learn new things about each other.

Share your accomplishments with her, along with your struggles. Let her try to help you in any way that you can.

You will be truly grateful for all the time and effort you spend on building a solid and strong relationship with your mom. When you eventually and inevitably lose your mom, you will have lost a great best friend.

It will be far easier to lose a best friend than to wish you would have done something for her when you had the chance.