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7 bizarre home remedies our grandparents tell us really work

Do you remember those bizarre home remedies your grandmother or grandpa used on you when you were a kid? Well, there’s a reason for it! Baby boomers grew up in a period where you had to make things work through trial and error. You couldn’t just Google your way through it.

Luckily, this means that most of their knowledge was tested and some of them indeed help with alleviating issues from common aches and pains. The good news? Most everything can be found using items from your kitchen. From using castor oil to induce labor to removing a wart with duct tape, the list is endless. Here are a couple ideas we’ve found:

Garlic for a toothache

In the 1740s, the founder of Methodism John Wesley wrote a book of cures. Mental Floss says he cited sticking a clove of garlic in the ear as a cure for a toothache. As a version of this, Umpah recommends rubbing half a garlic clove against an inflamed tooth for 7- 10 minutes to reduce pain and heal the infection.

Orange rind for a head cold

Many nasal sprays now come in an orange flavor. This isn’t just for your taste. According to Mental Floss, rolling an orange rind and sticking it in your nostrils was a common 18th century cure for a head cold.

Pencil for headaches

Prevention says this simple remedy works because headaches are often caused by the subconscious clenching of the jaw. To treat a headache, place a pencil between your teeth and relax your jaw muscles. You’ll be surprised just how quickly your headache disappears.

Yogurt for bad breath

Stink breath in the morning? Eat yogurt says Prevention. The healthy bacteria in the yogurt can counter the bad odor-causing bacteria.

Licorice for calluses

Licorice can soften calluses, says Prevention. Unfortunately Red Vines won’t quite work. Instead, mix ground licorice with 1/2 teaspoon petroleum jelly and rub the solution into calluses and corns.

Olive oil for motion sickness

Prevention says eating olives when on a winding car drive or undulating boat can prevent motion sickness. This is because motion sickness typically produces excess saliva and olives contain tannins that help dry out the mouth and quell queasiness.

Always stock ginger

It’s best to always keep your ginger in your pantry! Treat headaches with ginger root or munch on some ginger for cold sweats.

Keep Epsom salt in the bathroom

Put Epsom salt in your bath and help ease and soothe tight muscles.

Potato for spider bite

Okay, we admit it. This one sounds super weird. But according to Don’t Waste the Crumbs, it really works! Cut a large slice of raw potato and then use medical tape to bind the potato to the bite. Replace the potato slice with a fresh one every 12 hours. After one week the bite should heal.