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Blind Dog Can’t Contain Her Excitement The Second She Senses Snow

When Mandy Leung brought home a 10-week-old husky named Mackenzie, she could tell the pup was special. Mackenzie was already blind in her right eye due to glaucoma, and a month later she woke up unable to see out of her left eye.

But Mackenzie has never let her blindness get in the way of living life to the fullest.

“Learning to adapt at such a young age has made her into a very confident girl,” Leung wrote on Instagram. “She gets around new places just fine and can play fetch like a normal dog!”

“I even forget that’s she’s blind sometimes because she stares right into my eyes when she looks at me,” Leung added.

Mackenzie loves playing with her friends in the park, snuggling with her mom and going on long walks. “Mackenzie is very quiet at home but she is very silly and mischievous outside,” Leung told The Dodo. “She is the most friendly pup and has never met anyone she doesn’t like.”

But the dog’s favorite thing in the whole world is snow.

All year, Mackenzie waits for winter and when the snow finally starts to fall, Mackenzie can barely contain her excitement

She may not be able to see the snow — but as soon as she feels snowflakes on her face and whiskers, she has the sweetest reaction.

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