Thursday, July 18, 2024

Check out these 10 fridge hacks

Chances are your refrigerator doesn’t really have enough room for all the food you want to keep in there. Some people solve this problem by keeping a mini-fridge (or a full-sized one) in the garage, but not everyone can afford that.Instead of sacrificing food to save space, try organizing your fridge in a new way. Using just one of these hacks will free up precious inches that you can use for other food. Imagine how much you could fit in there if you tried all 10 hacks!

1. Space-saving drink dispenser
Drinks take up a lot of space in your refrigerator, whether they’re in bottles, cans, jugs or glasses. Instead of stacking them on top of each other, buy a few drink dispensers. They can hold the contents of several bottles or cans without taking up precious inches of space.

2. Magnetic containers
Have you ever really looked at the interior walls of your fridge and realized how much unused space is there? Instead of wasting the space, add some magnets to the bottoms of Tupperware containers, fill the containers with items that need to be refrigerated, and stick them to the walls.

3. Binder clips
Don’t stack bagged food and leftovers — hang them. Just attach a few binder clips to the wire shelves in your fridge and hang the bags from them. This will free up space on top of the shelves.

4. Freezer bins
Most freezer sections are significantly smaller than the refrigerated compartments they’re attached to. For some reason, though, most people tend to just toss things into the freezer, letting them pile up in a way that wastes space and makes items difficult to find. With a few multipurpose bins, however, you can organize your freezer by grouping together related food items.

5. Snack station