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Couple Builds Stunning Bookcase Made Entirely From Boxes

I’ve always dreamed of one day owning a home with a library. But until then, a cleverly designed bookcase should do the trick! Australian couple Jess and Sinclair Breen made a stunning DIY spiral bookcase using only a series of boxes. The finished product not only offers tons of shelving for storing books, but also makes for a gorgeous statement and piece of wall decor!

source: Facebook/Jess & Sinclair

Jess and Sinclair own a home renovation company, so completing this project wasn’t all that difficult for them. They used 36 boxes arranged on a large piece of fiberboard which is how they were able to hang the shelving masterpiece.

source: Facebook/Jess & Sinclair
source: Facebook/Jess & Sinclair

Each panel that eventually created the individual boxes came with pre-drilled holes, shaving a ton of time off the project.

source: Facebook/Jess & Sinclair


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