Thursday, June 20, 2024


Why do you ask? Why would I turn an innocent chocolate cake into a Reese’s peanut butter cake? Good question… and I don’t know… Iol! I finally mastered the exact duplicate and EPIC flavor of peanut butter which by the grace of God, fills those amazing PB cups at Reese’s and I really just wanted to put it to good use! Very good use!

What you will need (this recipe will make TWO cakes like the one shown here. You can stack them and make a layer cake, or just have 2 cakes:

TWO cake trays 8″… Round! Sprayed with non-stick spray.
An electric hand blender… very useful!
1 box of chocolate cake mix… your favorite.
Imitation Reese’s peanut butter cup frosting:
A 1-1lb jar of creamy peanut butter
1-1/2 cups of powdered sugar
a generous “pinch” of Iodized salt… yes, it has to be Iodized!


Bake your cake in the size you want according to the instructions on your box.
If you want to use all of this Reese’s Frosting, I suggest you make the whole box in the shape you want, or 2 round cakes from 8″.
While the cake is in the oven, make the Reese’s ‘Frosting’ peanut butter mug:
In a large bowl, mix the peanut butter, powdered sugar and salt at medium speed until it is light and fluffy in color .
About 3 or 4 minutes at medium speed, it worked for me!
If you want to keep any leftover frosting, keep it in a jar in the fridge 🙂
Take out the cake and let it cool down…
Now… frost with that incredible Reese’s Frosting…
Slice Reese’s peanut butter cake…
Take that dream bite from Oh-SOoo! ~Enjoy! 🙂

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