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Vet Has An Adorable Way Of Vaccinating Dogs Without Them Noticing

It’s no secret that even a routine visit to the vet can be a pretty scary thing for a pup — especially when there are shots involved.

But this particular doctor, named André Santos, has found an adorable way of making the whole experience something they actually enjoy.

Santos runs a veterinary clinic in Portugal, where he’s gained quite a reputation for his fun-loving approach to keeping pets both healthy and happy at the same time.

When a furry patient comes into his clinic to receive a vaccine, Santos doesn’t just approach them carrying that dreaded needle. Instead, he makes a little game of things, using positive reinforcement in the form of playtime and treats, leaving pets totally unaware that they’ve been given a shot at all.

And often, there’s even dancing involved.

Rather than leaving dogs feeling a little traumatized, getting a shot from Santos might actually be the highlight of their day.

“Whenever we do a procedure, we should give a positive treat,” Santos said.

This approach might seem a little unconventional, but Santos’s patients certainly love him for it.

In the end, the way Santos treats his patients with gentleness and care not only takes the stress and anxiety out of one “scary” trip to the vet, but it makes all future visits something they might actually look forward to.

And as someone who truly cares about pets’ health, that’s what matters most.

“Best. Job. Ever,” Santos said.

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