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10 surprising uses for chapstick nobody ever told you about

There’s a chapstick floating around in almost every handbag. It’s great for softening and healing our lips, especially after sun or wind damage, but did you know there are other great uses for this product? There’s even more reason to have some lip balm on hand!

These tips work with almost every brand of lip balm, but remember to use plain, unflavored balm only unless you’d like your eyebrows to smell like strawberries. Read on to discover 10 great new ways to use your chapstick.

1) Protect against blisters. New shoes are great — but not so much the blisters that come with them. Smear a little chapstick across your heels before putting on your shoes to protect your skin from blisters.

2) Fix a stuck zipper. Rub chapstick into a sticky zipper to lubricate it. This also has the added advantage of waterproofing it.

3) Create a smoky eye. Mix a small amount of your favorite eyeshadow with chapstick for a smudgy, undereye smokiness. An added bonus of this is that you won’t get stray powder escaping onto your cheeks.

4) Soften your cuticles.